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Toward a new Marxist feminism: critical exploration and development of theory.


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From Feminism to Transgenderism: Catharine MacKinnon and her Political Transition

Seiya Morita ‘A woman is an adult human female.’―gender-critical feminists ‘Are women human?’―Catharine A. MacKinnon As a Marxist, I was influenced by radical feminism when, as a graduate student, I read Catharine MacKinnon’s book Feminism Unmodified. That was 30 years ago. A Japanese translation of the book was published in 1993. I happened to find it in a…

The Trans Ideology Movement, Global Capitalism, and the Colonisation of Women

‘[H]e colonializes a female body, robs it of its natural resources, controls it, uses it, depletes it as he wishes, denies it freedom and self-determination so that he can continue to plunder it, moves on at will to conquer other land which appears more verdant and alluring. Radical feminists call this exclusively male behavior ‘phallic…

Tumblr and its consequences for girls: social media, ideology, and woman hatred

This article is based on the main session presentation ‘Social Media: How Did We Get Here?’ delivered at the second annual LGB Alliance Conference in October 2022 by Hannah Berrelli and Shay Woulahan. Gender ideology has spread rapidly throughout the Western world in the last decade, becoming embedded inside the third sector, within corporate HR…

Anti-feminism and Antisemitism

Young women who have never heard of Dworkin, Firestone, or Atkinson, are being exposed to the idea that feminism was cooked up by a cabal of Jewish overlords in order to separate them from their children. If their only exposure to ‘feminism’ has been Buzzfeed videos extoling the virtues of pornography, they will be suspectable…

Porn and Dating Apps: The ‘Brothel Model’ Approach to Modern Heterosexuality

Social theorists say we are entering a new age. Neoliberalism will soon deliver us, they predict, a neo-feudal age — which they variously call neo-patrimonialism, re-patrimonialism, or the re-feudalization of capitalism. This new age will be one of ‘parceled sovereignty, new lords and peasants, hinterlandization, and catastrophism’, or, more simply, the ‘Reformation into reverse’. In…

Queer Identity and Lesbian Erasure

Heterosexuality is undoubtedly necessary for the social and sexual reproduction of existing social conditions. For this reason, some radical feminists make the mistake of classifying heterosexuality as an institution — but this is an error. Instead, heterosexuality is institutionalised across all material and ideological state apparatus: education, the family, medicine, religion, etc. As society has…

LESBIAN VISIBILITY DAY: Lesbophobia is not Homophobia, it’s Misogyny

Lesbophobia is, like lesbianism itself, invisibalised in favour of more respected social forms. The wider amorphous ‘homophobia’ serves today as a catchall for any anti-gay sentiment, but it only really captures what gay men face: prejudice and discrimination based on their sexuality i.e same-sex attraction (to other men). Anti-gay prejudice experienced by men is pure…

Third Gender Categories, Homosexuality and Transgender Identity

The capitalist mode of production requires a continually growing workforce in order to meet the production demands of a ‘constantly expanding market’. This, in turn, requires continued and widespread heterosexual reproduction in order that capitalist states continue to profit from overpopulation. Beyond the active workforce, the capitalist mode of production also requires overpopulation in order…

‘Not All Men!’ and Other Responses to Sarah Everard’s Death

The discovery of missing 33 year old Sarah Everard’s body has drawn substantial media attention over the past few weeks. The subsequent arrest and charging of a serving Met police officer in connection with her murder has sparked national and international outrage. Women across the country are sharing their experiences of male violence, including harassment,…

Losing Lesbians: The Strange Disappearance of Ellen Page

Today, many lesbians are choosing to avoid lesbophobia and misogyny by identifying as men and transitioning to replicate a ‘male appearance’. Of course, it is not possible to change sex, but the appearance of men’s secondary sexual characteristics can be mimicked through surgery and maintained by continuous hormone use. An obvious example is the actress…

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